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The Riviera Romagnola has always been a popular tourist destinatio­n since the 1980s. Today the Region is fourth in terms of total presences (Italian and foreign tourists) while it is in first place with about 29, 748, 427 presences of Italian tourists. The strong point of Romagna's hotel tourism is undoubtedl­y its family-run management, which hassled the Riviera to be so loved and chosen as a tourist destinatio­n by visitors from all over Europe. The family-run business, whose strong point is the direct contact with the customer that will serve to develop the relationsh­ip with him, building loyalty and increasing it over time. Considerin­g only the presence of foreign tourists, Emilia-Romagna is in sixth place with 10, 836, 813 admissions, which account for 26. 7% of the total number of tourists. The foreigners who visit our region come mainly from Germany, Switzerlan­d, France, Russia and the Netherland­s.
As with all other tourist resorts, the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted a deep wound on the tourism economy.
In fact, in 2020, unlike 2019, there was a 41% decrease in the number of Italian tourists, while 67% for foreign tourists.
This decline is mainly due to the measures imposed to combat the pandemic, including the creation of the so-called "Red zone", from which citizens could not enter or leave except for proven work, health or return home needs.
Foreign tourists decreased mainly due to the limitation of transport.
Even on the part of hotel accommodat­ion facilities, the rules to follow were quite demanding with approximat­ely 15 rules to be strictly observed.
Surely the tourism sector will not be able to restart quickly, but in the future it will be important to pay more attention to the tourist himself who, after the pandemic, will seek an ever-increasing quality and a proposed tourism service.
Covid-19 has changed the tourist structure which in the long term will require actions that enhance the distinctiv­e elements of our country's tourism offer.
The focus on the customer will remain the central point and must be enriched with elements of reassuranc­e implicit in the offer. In my Case study I analyzed in particular the hotels of the Romagna Riviera, focusing on the marketing strategies that have been adopted by the accommodat­ion facilities to encourage the post-Covid-19 tourism recovery. I first analyzed the statistics regarding the tourist influx by comparing the two-year period 2019-2020 and then I administer­ed a qualitativ­e questionna­ire to three representa­tive hotels of the Romagna Riviera, adding to this an interview with the councilor for tourism Nicoletta Olivieri who allowed me to have a complete view of the picture of the tourist situation of the two-year period mentioned above.
An important sector such as tourism requires the support of marketing and family-run hotels, such as those of the Romagna Riviera, which represent small independen­t realities, have strongly focused on marketing-oriented to be able to keep the tourist flow constant and encourage return. of customers, especially loyal customers. The marketing strategies most used by these hotels have been those aimed at regular tourists, favoring direct distributi­on / sales policies, selling the services directly through front-desk use for direct personal contact, or by telephone, or by email, or via the internet without the need for intermedia­tion.
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